A while back I wrote about Trump and if he were President of the United States, we would need to buckle up. Welp, the notion is now become a reality.

As president elect we have seen him make moves that some, not all find favorable. In fact, I think it speaks volumes to his willingness to make positive changes for the citizens of the United States. No sooner than he was announced as President-elect, leaders from various spots all over the world were ready to do an unofficial meet-and-greet. Needless to say it looks like it has gone successfully and even his Apprentice-like selections of elite cabinet members have not gone unnoticed.

But among the political pontification and prognostication, it is hard to ignore the bitterness, resentment, and defeat of the Democratic Party. They are angry because Hillary Clinton lost to a business man with no political experience, who has a morally questionable lifestyle and unashamedly takes advantage of the laws to financially profit. But imagine how she must feel having lost twice to two men and is now faced with the inevitable fact that she will never attain the privilege of serving in one of the highest offices in the world?

Likewise, Hillary Clinton’s followers had their Trump wake-up call when they realized her utter defeat. In part,  because they live in a world where they believe government should legislate people’s behaviors of those who do not agree with them. Unfortunately, that is not how life is lived.

So Trump looks successful and even with all that is being accomplished I see and read about how many are saying don’t pay attention to what the man says, pay attention to what he does. To the brother and sister in Christ, I say, pay attention to what God is doing around him and through those who are called his own.

There are times we place our trust, sometimes unknowingly in people who we hold in high esteem. We know they are mortal but it is easy for us to forget how God wants our allegiance to him and him alone.

As God’s children remember our prosperity or lack thereof is never attributed to who is and who is not in office. It is based on our obedience to God’s word. If we be willing and obedient, we will eat the good of the land and that is independent of season, political power, and personality.