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Crash Course on the Atlantic Slave Trade

There is a lot of racial, inflammatory rhetoric centered around the color of one’s skin, especially since this is an election year with polarizing view points on race in America. However, in lieu of the killings both recent of many black men and police enforcement, I think we need to hear some facts about the history of slavery, instead of one’s personal point of view about slavery, since this topic always finds its way in the current narrative.

Unfortunately in America, it is never properly addressed. There are sides that justify it, others shy away from it, or arguments are so explosive that people end up talking pass each other instead of to each other. This issue is reoccurring because we do not deal with the fundamentals of one’s logic, and in doing so we band aid an open wound with symptomatic solutions.

Laws have been put in place to curb one’s behavior, but the law is useless in changing the heart. Simply put, you cannot make anyone accept a person based on the color of their skin.

This snippet is by John Green and the YouTube channel is called Crash Course.

Dear Teen Christian: Mom I Hate You!

WoW! Those are some pretty strong words there and I know sometimes moms tend to get on your nerves and want you to do things that you don’t feel like doing, but I think you need to cool your boots. Everything you say is being weighed by God.


“[F]or out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…an evil man out of the evil treasure bring bringeth forth evil things…[b]ut I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by your words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words though shalt be condemned.”

St. Matthew 12: 34-37

Your mom must be a pretty special person because most kids who are abused by their parents have a hard time hating them. But you, on the other hand, must be living a pretty good life. It’s usually the children who are treated well who are the least grateful.

Alright, enough with the heavy. Look, I know mom can get on your nerves sometimes and it happens. The reason why you get upset is because you think you know better than your mother and you are not allowed to have what you want when you want it.

How would you feel being on the receiving end of, “Jennifer I hate you!” “Tommy, I wish I was never your mother!” Wouldn’t feel too good, huh? Well, you might stand there with a deer in the headlight look or run away to your grandmother’s or a friend’s house lamenting your teenage woes. Truth is, you wouldn’t know what to do because you lack knowledge, understanding, wisdom and your vision is limited.

I get it. Your parents are not cool and hip. Your bestie or bro looks like they get to do whatever they want and it seems like their parents are the best. They wear what they want, no curfew, and on their side of the tracks they are living the dream. Meanwhile, you are locked in a prison with your own room, Xbox 360, $120 pair of jeans or sneakers or both, running electricity and water living with a bunch of hypocritical parents who have the nerve to preach to you about the goodness of God.

Here’s the deal. Your parents are not your friends and it is their responsibility to ensure your well-being and protection. Most importantly, they have to answer to God on how they raise you.

“Blah, blah, blah. Yeah I know all of that!,” you say. Well, you must be butt-hurt much. Let me give you a sneak peak into my rearview mirror of life.

Would to God I had a mother who loved me and a father who cared. But as life would have it, my mother despised my soul and there was never a day, she would fail to make it known. My biological father? He “opted” to not be a part of my world, so I had to play the cards life dealt to me. I wasn’t afforded the luxury of a mother to pray for me, have me on her mind, and take the time to pray for me. No talk of God. No I love you. No encouragement. Nothing. She was counting the days until I was out of her house.

As for those people I used to hang around with?

  • Many of the girls I went to high school with became pregnant before they graduated. In my day, they were the new and upcoming baby mommas.
  • Some died from drug overdoses.
  • A few who were voted most likely to succeed were given great scholarships and dropped out before sophomore year of college.
  • A best friend was murdered by multiple stabbing.
  • Some were incarcerated for selling drugs or for rape and
  • One guy was sliced on his neck for hanging out with the wrong crowd.

And if I with an unloving, ungodly parent barely escaped, how grateful should you be for having parents who love the Lord and want only the best for you?

Something to think about Teen Christian….



Dear Teen Christian: Let’s Talk About Sex

No silly, get your mind out of the gutter. Not what happens between two MARRIED people, the other stuff. You see, when I was growing up we had a pretty clear understanding about how to identify members of the opposite sex. But I see in your day, talking about sex is as clear as mud.

I am talking about gender. Yes, that kind of sex.

Today, there is much talk about you can pick your own sex as if you are picking up a number five through a drive thru or you were “assigned” a sex at birth. As if the doctor had something to do with that. This simply is untrue.

Let me put this out on the table. You are not a mistake and you need not be confused about your identity. We can look to the bible for answers and inspiration.

Remember back in the day when God created the heavens and the earth? Well, he also created the first male and female. Now take note, God created the first male and female. There were no atomic particles aimlessly floating throughout the universe and by some cosmic force man was created. Human beings didn’t swim to shore and evolve from a fish to a human being. Not biblical. And no, you do not come from a long line of apes because that’s not what the good book says.

Man was made from the dust of the ground and God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul.

Here is what you will not hear because they want you to be deceived:

  1. You are made God’s likeness. That means you can think and reason and use knowledge for good or evil.
  2. God did not give the breath of life to a gorilla. If he had, then the gorillas would be able to talk just like us.
  3. God designed men and women to be different in shape, function, and character.

SHAPE: Difference in design. You are not supposed to have the same body parts. That means no additions or subtractions!

FUNCTION: Different body parts do different things.

CHARACTER: How you express yourself. Men and women are supposed to behave differently.

This is what God designed to be the natural order of things. When human babies are born, the doctor will never say: “Congratulations, you have a healthy gay, baby boy!” Or to Mrs. Smith, “welcome your new transgender baby into the world!” Or your grandmother will never say, “Oh, she such a lovely little bisexual cutie!

When you came out of your mother’s womb, the doctor could only identify by your private parts ( you know, those things downstairs) so keep in mind, the doctor cannot and I repeat, cannot assign you a gender and any man who dresses like a woman and still maintains his body parts is a freak of nature. It is unnatural and unholy.

Remember, God created male and female, not male, female, and “other.”



Dear Teen Christian Letters

Good Morning WP Christian Parents,

About a month or two ago, I redesigned my blog to write about certain issues/topics that I think are age appropriate in the Christian community. For a while, I had been focusing on adults and small children. Teenagers, well, if we remember when we were growing up, that is a very difficult time of hormones, peer pressure, and transitioning into adulthood.

They want adult toys with kid-like responsibilities, so it calls for balance. For the life of me I was clueless (although once a teen myself) about what to write. Now, the Lord God has given me some ideas and I have the green light to move forward.

I am writing this blog to you parents to give you a heads up that these blogs are coming soon. The title will be “Dear Christian Teen: Subject Matter.” As I hope Christian parents are screening their children’s social media accounts, in the event you see a blog I write and at your discretion you believe it is a topic that you would like them to read or deem them not prepared to handle said topic, I am extending the courtesy to you as a heads up. The last thing you need to ask is “where did you get that from?” and their response is “a blog.”

Take care and be blessed.

Lady Dunamis


It’s About Ideology Not Sexuality

We are all aware of the tragic shooting at the Pulse Club in Orlando Florida and the media as well as the Democratic party has been up and arms portraying this as a hate crime with the solution of curbing mass shootings with gun control.


This is a power struggle of opposing ideals. The shooter was driven by a philosophy that far exceeds the issue of homosexuality.  This was/is about Jihad, holy war whereby Muslims through military means eliminates the presence of unbelievers who do not support this concept of Islam. Their goal is to bring the rule of Allah* where they reign on the earth. All infidels must be punished by death. That practically means all of us in the West.

The individuals at the Pulse Club were not guilty of performing any criminal offenses against Muslims and had it been a club full of black, white, Latinos, etc., the end would have been the same. Whether or not he was gay is debatable and because he is not alive we can only speculate, unless his wife gives witness. For the most part, it is commonly accepted that Islam frowns upon homosexual practices, views it as immoral behavior punishable by public execution.

As far as our neighbor from the Verity Church, he has caused great controversy by his inflammatory comments relating to the death of these individuals because of their practice of homosexuality. Okay, let’s deal with that. The loss of life is tragic, regardless of the morality of the person and mass shootings happen as it is part and parcel of living in a world where evil is present. However, what he said was not totally incorrect. If this current government patterned and executed its laws after the pattern of the Old Testament form of government, their lifestyle would have been punishable by death. Let the spiritual reader understand. Also, because the decedents are no longer with us, there is less of this immorality practiced.

Unfortunately, his presentation was poor, his scriptural interpretation incomplete, and the fact that he used the death of these innocent people to promote a half-truth message was downright despicable.

Do not get caught up in the so called righteous anger or twisting of words. These are distractions to deceive you.


*There is a growing acceptance that Jews, Christians, and Muslims refer to God as Allah. This is not true. Christians in the West do not refer to Yahweh as Allah and neither do the Jews. In other countries where Arabs and Christians co-exist, I have heard of that, but it is not a commonly accepted practice in the United States.

Pulpit Pimps

You know, there is a difference between an under-shepherd and a hireling. An under-shepherd watches over God’s people. He* cares for them by rightly dividing the word of truth, guides them in good times and bad, and he is sure to tell them when they are wrong. And then there is the hireling. Pay him and he might do what he is supposed to do, but there will be no guarantee that he will love God’s people like Christ loves the church. He is in it for selfish reasons; what he can get out of God’s people, not how he can minister unto the Lord.

And so the pulpit pimp is a master of disguises. Whatever you want him to be he will be, especially the father figure, the head of authority. He will be a father to all those lonely and unsuspecting women who are looking for a daddy’s touch. He will come to your house, eat your food, minister a “word” about all the wonderful things God wants to give you, and how he is the one who can grant it. He will show his love by sleeping with you because after all “God is love” he says. Never mind nine months later you are bearing his child or have HIV for that matter. That was your fault, he might say and absolve himself of all responsibility. Yet, you remain the fool and still attend that church because he toys with your emotions, and fills you with empty promises about how he is going to make it right. He has no intentions on doing so. He just wants you to keep your mouth shut. After all, who is going to believe a silly woman who is laden with sins and led away but the lusts of money, sex, and power?

This pulpit pimp is no respecter of persons. He is also a father figure to the wayward boy looking to find the way, the truth, and the life. No, not Jesus, the pulpit pimp. I don’t mean the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I mean the one who professes himself God and wants to be called God. He is a father figure for sure. He will minister a word, reveal to you his pain. He takes pleasure in showing you how sensitive he is and how tough it is to be a man in this world. The pulpit pimp may even buy you gifts to show you favor (as he fills your head with lies and tells you how special you are), and as repayment for your debt, because you must understand that his time is precious, and he must be about his business to be with the wife and kids, he sodomizes you as a form of worship. Or demands your oral worship, I’m sorry, I mean your oral sex. Think about it. You are his servant and he is your god. “Better not tell anybody what happened son,” he says. Make you look like a winey, little girl. Just take it like a man!

This pulpit pimp also has many affairs with other women in the church too. Whatever flavor of the month, you are there for the wanting, and if he cannot get a hold of you, he will get angry, start preaching sermons about how disobedient and rebellious you are. Submit in the name of the Lord! No, my fellow sisters in the faith, these are veiled attempts to make you feel a false sense of guilt. Pure manipulation so he can have his way with you.

For all you sheep out there, remember what Jesus said, “beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” (St. Matthew 7:15) Let’s put it another way, beware of pulpit pimps who profess to be ministers of the cloth. On the inside, all they can think about is how they can have you for lunch.


*This also could refer to women pastors as well. Many Christians are against the notion of women holding positions of authority in church because they believe it to be unbiblical. Although there aren’t many examples of women in authority (Old and New Testament) they are there nevertheless. The problem is many men (women) have been misinformed on how to properly exegete the scriptures.

Mind Your Manners

Lately I have been feeling a pressing in my spirit to talk about certain subject matters that I believe the church as a whole fails to address. Over time some of the topics I will write about are adult in content so reader discretion is advised.

As a single woman, I have observed there is a common misconception among men (married and single) that just because I am a single Christian woman that somehow translates into me being available for either overt or subtle advances. Quite the contrary.

I have received unsolicited help and attention in ways of which it was borderline inappropriate, being invited to lunch or men wanting to indulge in conversations just so I would pay attention to them. To the casual reader, you would probably say “Lady Dunamis, you need to get over yourself. I am sure it was just harmless and they didn’t mean anything by it.” Well my friend that is where we disagree. For the Christian, we are exhorted to shun the appearance of evil and unfortunately, many of us stumble and fall because we fail to recognize evil always comes wrapped in a beautiful box with a pretty bow.

There are many single Christian woman looking for companionship and because the male to female ratio is pretty slim, it can seem to be quite flattering when a man comes along and shows some attention.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s mind our manners.

Single ladies, it is never acceptable to engage in conversations or be in positions that will compromise your integrity and cause your name to be slandered. Just because a man is married, single or in a relationship, doesn’t mean he will respect you for your Christian walk and leave you alone. Some men tend to conveniently “forget” they are married or spoken for, and will make you the object of his affection be it in the work place, church, or anywhere else. Others are experiencing marital problems, financial troubles, or yearn for the days of yesteryear when they were virile and free. Be it he is experiencing a midlife or identity crisis, feel free to be stern and even borderline nasty if you have to, in order to clearly communicate that you are not interested in his attention. That is why he has a wife (girlfriend). Do not allow yourself to be used as friendly distraction because he lacks the ability and maturity to manage his life. That has nothing to do with you, but everything that is going on inside of him.

Never make the mistake that this kind of man genuinely likes and/or wants you. He doesn’t. He wants something from you and when he gets it, he will discard you like a piece of trash because he has conquered you. On the other hand, if he fails to achieve his goal, he will get angry and in his utter stupidity reveal his personal agenda he had for you. Trust me, I know because when things didn’t go a certain person’s way, he “slipped” and revealed his plans for me. Ladies, this is why you need to always pray so the Lord can reveal your true enemy and make him stumble and fall. Will he attempt to make you look like the evil person to other people? Yes, he will and if they believe it it’s because they want to believe something evil about you, but that is okay. Weak people always need a support system when they are in the wrong. Be careful and be on guard!

Most men, will get the message and move on. Others will see you are not interested and be in total denial because they see your lack of interest as rejection. That’s their problem not yours and their burden is not your cross to bear. If they persist to operate undercover and continue to try to get your attention, one of two things might happen. Either you will have to boldly tell them to hit the bricks or they will be exposed, publicly embarrassed and never bother you again.

Married men, if you think it a fleeting crush or a harmless advance, you would be wise to know your place in Jesus’ name. There is nothing innocent about leading on a single woman and indulging her feelings all because you have an insatiable lust to stroke your ego among other things. By not respecting her boundaries, you are crossing the line. You disrespect your God, yourself, your wife and your family. Remember, even lusting after another woman is adultery. Never treat other women the same way you would treat your wife. You made a vow to the Lord now honor it.

If you are a single man in a hot lustful pursuit, take an ice cold shower and call on the name of the Lord. You are held to the same standard as she is to treat your body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and beware to not defile your temple by committing fornication. There is more to your life than expressing your sexual prowess and putting a notch on your belt. Remember, that notch you are trying to add is someone’s daughter, most importantly, she is God’s daughter. As for those of you who are dating someone, I wouldn’t say treat your significant other like she is a wife because she is not. I implore you to treat her the way you would want to be treated. Men do not forgive easily, if at all, if the woman cheats, but how do you think she would feel if she caught you pursuing another woman? There are plenty of men who mishandle women, so let’s not make your significant other another statistic.

Gentlemen, are there women who give out mixed signals? Absolutely. But just because she puts it out there doesn’t mean you have to fetch the bone. What you should do is tell them how beautiful and amazing your wife (girlfriend) is and how repulsive and disgusting she looks for making an advance towards you. Trust me that will shut a slut down every time.

Ladies and gentleman, let us mind our manners because the Lord God is watching and we will give an account for every deed we have done in these bodies at the Bema seat.

Hidden Works of Darkness Too

The title is odd, I will admit, but bear with me. I am going somewhere with this.

We frown upon those who take lives in the name of their deity. We are disgusted with people who destroy homes through adultery and deceit. We even scoff at those who we perceive to be less important than us. The question is, do we feel the same way about the darkness that resides within our own closely guarded closets?

“For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.” (St. John 3:20)

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work from home and it was absolutely peaceful. Not only was I extremely productive, I was able to pray effortlessly and focus on those hidden things of darkness in my life.  I must admit, most of my problems stem from how I perceive God. If my perception is off, so is my judgement. No wonder God included the book of Job in the bible.

I have written about Job’s dilemma so I won’t rehash the story, but what I like to mention is Job’s perspective about God wasn’t accurate and ultimately, his one-on-one with God recalibrated his faith and put him on the right track. We know this because when Job said what he heard about God he now saw, he realized his self-righteousness was a stumbling block to truth.

“…men loved darkness…” (St. John 3:21)

This is a difficult saying and in relation to truth, intellectually you can grasp the concept of truth, but how do you really know you have come into truth? Truth is not subjective and it is immutable. Today many are saying, tell your truth. Problem with that is most of us don’t have a truthful bone in our bodies and instead of coming to the light, we rather hide, cover up, and avoid the truth at all cost.

“…and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (St. John 3:21)

What Jesus was really saying was those who don’t come to the light love to claim innocence when it serves them best. If they don’t seek the truth then they will claim ignorance and say they didn’t know. Problem with that is the very fact you know to avoid truth stands as a witness against you. Even if you do not know the truth, ignoring the quest of truth makes you just as guilty.

Truth is independent of us. Unyielding to circumstantial evidence. Unaffected by time. Truth brings light and exposes darkness. So, let talk about darkness.

Jesus said, “…and men loved darkness rather than light…” (St. John 3:21)

Well, I do not fornicate, smoke, or drink. I come home to my wife and family. I provide for my household and pay my taxes. Those things are our reasonable service. But what about the unresolved anger from an abusive parent who shows no remorse and won’t even offer an apology or acknowledgement of your pain of which they caused? What about the deep sorrow of being touched inappropriately by a family member who robbed you of your innocence? What about the hidden resentment when someone does well? These things my brothers and sisters are hidden works of darkness too.

And for the few who do not fall into any of these categories, the very nature of your flesh hates God and despises his sovereignty and rule. That too is a hidden work of darkness.

So how do we deal with darkness? Come to the light.

“But he the doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought of God.” (St. John 3:21)

King Nebbie is Back!

Many moons ago I wrote a piece on Nebuchadnezzar and I called him the Real Estate King. A wicked man who had an amazing talent in real estate. Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the contemporary king Nebbie of our day: Donald Trump!

Many became disheartened when Ted Cruz was not selected as the presidential Republican nominee. Well, to be honest with you, I was not because I never thought he had the personal fortitude to navigate the turbulent political and economic waters in the United States. Okay, I am being extremely kind, probably political in my response, truth is, he sounded good and probably read well on paper but there was something about him that seemed….false. No, I do not have any proof but all I know is whatever that thing is, it will be revealed. Much like I had that same sense about, at the time, president elect Barack Obama and to my everlasting shame, I voted for him anyway.

Fast forward eight years later and I must confess, as much as I didn’t like Obama being re-elected for a second term, I had to accept what happened God permitted and to trust in his foresight and wisdom. Imagine how the Israelites felt having to submit to a tyrant of a ruler? Living under Babylonian rule and for most they probably would die never seeing the salvation of the Lord. Similarly, I think many Christians feel the same way and I am sure many of us would say, “Look here Lady Dunamis, don’t feed me that all things work together for good crap!” I know the scripture.

Yes, you are right. Question is, do you believe it?

I will admit, hailing from the Northeast, my political affiliation was Democrat, but it wasn’t until the Lord started dealing with me that I had to learn how to vote in accordance to my belief and not feeling loyalty because my family had always been Democratic. That was a turning point for me because when I opened my eyes, I realized many of Obama’s policies were opposite of what I believed. I do not support rights for gays because gays should be treated like the humans they are, not animals. At the same time, I am against the morality of their lifestyle. I do not believe in abortion because it is murder of a life that is not that of the mothers’. I do not believe in gender neutral bathrooms and it should not be equated with racism. Confused? Use the bathroom based on your genitalia.

The list could go on and I normally do not talk about politics on my bible blog, but at some point we must realize that our faith intersects with politics. Why? Because many of these politicians put in law what they believe, be it organized religion or not and as much as Obama professes his Christian beliefs, he is errant and out of order for taking the scriptures out of context.

Many like to blame the previous presidents for the past and current transgressions. Yes, poor judgement precedes poor decisions and whether we like it or not or believe it or not, each political figure lays the ground for the next. If Trump becomes president of the United States, buckle up my friends because we are going to have quite a ride.

Am I implying we will be enslaved like the Israelites? No. I am saying we need to press God to reveal his power and providence, and if need be, humble Trump the way king Nebuchadnezzar was when he failed to give God the glory.

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