Knock It Off!

Imagine this. Harry is going about his day, business as usual beating up Christians of which is no big deal to him because, after all, they are the enemy. It only seems like the right thing to do.

No one knows what is going through Harry’s mind. He might be thinking, “Look at me! How wonderful it is to be so zealous for my righteous cause. I bet those who I am trying to impress will think highly of me as I put an end to all this New Way foolishness.” No doubt the visions of grandeur and splendor brings about a satisfyingly smug smile as Harry believes he will be deliciously rewarded. With what? We have no idea!

Galloping upon his four legged buggy (or if we are in the concrete jungle, his black on black Mabach) Harry continues to wallow in delusional fervor. As he proceeds along the way suddenly “there shines round about him a light from heaven.” (1) Harry falls to the ground and hears these words:

“KNOCK IT OFF BUDDY!” (Lady Cheetah Version 2014 New Testament) (2)

Overcome by fear, the only thing Harry can say is, “Who is that?” (3)

The voice replies, “I am Jesus who you are hurting. Going against me is like pounding your head against a brick wall.” (4)

According to Acts chapter nine, no doubt Paul thought he was doing God service because according to his worldview, Christians were enemies of a way that was well over 400 years established and that is how many view those who opposes their long held beliefs: as an enemy and threat to their cause.

There are those who are threatened by Christ for religious reasons. There are those who are threatened by Christ because it is status quo, and then there are those who are threatened by Christ for personal reasons. In the case of Paul we do not know if it was one, a combination of two or all three. What we do know is he was bent on eradicating this new sect.

What I find amazing about Christ’s response to Paul’s murderous ways was his answer “it is hard for thee to kick against the prick.” (5) We as Christians will be offended and confused if we think it is all about us when the truth of the matter is, those who wage war against us are really fighting against Jesus Christ himself. The invincible God will not be outdone. Those how fight against God will get hurt in the process. It is an inevitable fact. How many times have you come across someone who didn’t like you because you are Christian and continued to either harass, tell obscene jokes, or set you up to fail all because you are Christian? And then one day, out of nowhere they fell flat on their faces. Hurt and embarrassed they were forced to leave you alone. Why? Because it was God’s way of telling them to “Knock it off!”

For some it may take one good embarrassment. For others, the harassment almost seems cyclical and you scratch your head and wonder if they are anointed by Satan to cause such havoc for no apparent reason. It is not you per say as it is the Light in you that is causing the discomfort. Because they cannot see Jesus it would be hard to slap him on the cheek. Rather, they see you and set about slapping you on your proverbial cheek (s). Granted, there can only be so much slapping before you come out of your Christian suit and wage an unholy war, so that is why Jesus steps in and puts an end to their foolishness. And when God does that, they know they are defeated but they will not admit it.

Remember, anyone who causes harm to God’s people is hurting God himself. That is why he said “touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm. (6)

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